A hunt for Swiss missionaries' graves reveals more than just pictures

History: 16 December 2023

A short email received two weeks ago prompted the search for graves. Perhaps the relatively slow weekend, with little happening, contributed to the decision to explore the final resting place of two missionaries, René Cuénod and his wife, Marguerite.


Soutpansberg has lost its lush grasslands

History: 05 August 2017 By Anton van Zyl

The Soutpansberg used to have vast stretches of grassland, with the springbok grazing alongside antelope such as the extinct Lichtenstein’s hartebeest. In less than 100 years, the landscape has changed from open stretches of land to trees and bush. The reason for the change can be found in man’s intervention.

João Albasini was 'n merkwaardige figuur

History: 28 July 2017 By Anton van Zyl

Die tweede kultuurhistoriese skat van die Erfeniskomitee se skattejagprojek is die Albasini-gedenkplaat geleë in die boompark langs die N1 snelweg.

Bermuda’s Boer POW’s remembered

History: 02 November 2012 By Linda van der Westhuizen

The Bermudan government sent a plaque to the Zoutpansberg Skirmishes Museum to remember the boer prisoners of war who were interned on the Bermuda Islands for a year from June 1901.

Vonds op ashoop het historici gaande

History: 10 March 2006 By Linda van der Westhuizen

‘n Nuwe vonds en inligting het liefhebbers van die geskiedenis van die Anglo-Boereoorlog gaande.

Following the tracks of the skirmishes

History: 06 August 2004 By Charles Leach

The far northern region of the old Transvaal – now Limpopo Province – was relatively unscathed by the first year or so of the Anglo Boer War. Ironically, this relatively unknown and unimportant part of the province, the Zoutpansberg, saw events that involved many - if not most – of the British Empire’s forces in a series of skirmishes (or blatant murders) that left a legacy of accusations levelled against Britain by Australia.


The Streets of Our Names