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Latest on storm Dineo

News in brief: 16 February 2017 By Isabel Venter

As parts of Mozambique are seeing the devastating effects of Dineo, which has since been downgraded from cyclone to tropical storm status after making landfall, the South African government has called on communities to be on high alert for the knock-on effects of the storm set to hit South Africa later today.


Bloody attack on boarding house

News: 26 February 2017 By Elmon Tshikhudo

The boarding business fraternity and tenants who lodge with them, mostly students in the Sibasa area, are engulfed by fear and in a state of panic. This follows the cold-blooded shooting at the Ralukukwe Boarding House on Saturday, during which one person was killed.


Eltivillas residents want problems addressed

News: 26 February 2017 By Anton van Zyl

A meeting between the Eltivillas Residents’ Association and the Makhado Municipality two weeks ago highlighted the problem of a lack of communication, as well as the unavailability of government departments responsible for the delivery of certain services.


Triegies gereed vir Top 10

Sport: 18 February 2017 By: Isabel Venter

Hoërskool Louis Trichardt het Maandag met trots bekend gemaak wie die atlete is wat die skool op 15 en 16 Februarie sal verteenwoordig tydens die Limpopo Top 10 Skolekampioenskap by die Universiteit van Pretoria.


WATCH: Limpopo River in flood

Video: 28 February 2017

Vanessa Bristow made a video yesterday afternoon (27 February) showing how the Limpopo River is rising up to her garden.

Written by: Isabel Venter


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