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What to expect at Makhado Crossing?

Video: 29 November 2019

Wondering what to expect at the new Makhado Crossing regional mall?

We went and spoke to a couple of tenants about what they think of the new mall. See video below.

Virtual tour of new Makhado Crossing

Video: 21 November 2019

Not been to the “new” mall yet? We visited Makhado Crossing this morning and invite you to accompany us on a virtual tour. Check out the video here.

Clemour sings Silent Night

Video: 24 December 2018

Popular artist, Clemour Ngobeni, visited the offices of the Limpopo Mirror and Zoutpansberger to render his version of Silent Night as a special Christmas message to readers.


Jingle Bell Toy Ride

Video: 11 December 2018 By Elardus van Zyl

The annual Jingle Bell Toy Ride took place on Friday, 7 December. We made a short video showing some of the action.

Not so perfect break-in at Perfect Water

Video: 18 October 2018

On Sunday, 14 October at 23:05, two burglars broke into the Perfect Water shop at 33 Songozwi Street, Louis Trichardt. The shop is owned by Johan and Leana van Rooyen. Johan said that the burglars knew exactly what they were looking for and where to get it. While the alarm apparently did not register at the security company, it did go off at the shop, and the thieves, including one with a very distinctive tattoo, were caught on the shop’s closed-circuit television cameras. 

Die dorp se domste dief?

Video: 21 June 2018

Kwalifiseer hierdie man as een van die streek se domste kriminele ooit? Dit is ‘n skermgreep van die sekuriteitsvideo van die man wat Maandagoggend by die Soutpansberg Muurbalklub ingebreek het. Lees volledige berig in hierdie week se Zoutpansberger.


New completion date for N1 Musina ring road

Video: 18 January 2018

Motorists travelling through Musina will have to wait a little longer to enjoy using the N1 ring road currently under construction around this busy border town.

Looters seize early Christmas opportunity

Video: 19 December 2017

On Tuesday morning, members of the public took advantage of an accident on the N1 north when they shamelessly looted the spilled cargo from a truck.

Ou euwels steek nuwe kop uit

Video: 07 December 2017

‘n Ou euwel het die afgelope weke weer sy kop hier in Louis Trichardt uitgesteek.

Diewe wat niksvermoedende motoreienaars beroof, deur in te breek by hulle voertuie met behulp van ‘n afstandbeheer, is weer aktief in die dorp.

In die jongste voorval is ‘n klant op Vrydag, 1 Desember, in die parkeerarea voor Cycle Centre in Eltivillas beroof. Die eienaars van Cycle Centre het die beeldmateriaal van hulle sekuriteitskameras beskikbaar gemaak om ander mense te waarsku om meer paraat te wees.