The people who help make things happen … Louis Trichardt Parkrun’s security vehicle, ambulance, and volunteers. Photo supplied.

Louis Trichardt celebrates 150th Parkrun

Date: 07 March 2024 By: Andries van Zyl

Louis Trichardt celebrated its 150th Parkrun on Saturday, 2 March. More than 110 people participated, with 98 completing the 5km course and 15 volunteers helping to ensure its success.

As part of the celebrations, parkrunners were treated to cake and cold drinks afterwards. The park itself was in splendid condition; the event route had been newly graded, the grass was cut and raked, and a massive litter cleanup had been completed.

“Thanks go to our sponsors for making it a success - Jaco Voigt and his team for grading the route and cutting and raking the grass, Janet Parkin and Vicky Truter for the cake and cupcakes, Liza Visage for the sweets and biscuits, and Limpopo Dairy, McDonald's, and Perfect Water for the cool drinks and water. Thank you also to Defendum Security and Philuso Ambulance services for keeping us safe, and to all our volunteers who cleaned the park and make our parkruns work so smoothly,” said the Parkrun organisers.

Parkruns are free, 5km timed events held every Saturday (starting at 07:00 in March and 08:00 from April) and are open to everyone of any ability to run, jog, or walk. There are 217 Parkrun venues in South Africa and 2,400 venues worldwide. To join, register at



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