Philip and Stacy Tucker with their daughter, Peyton. Photo supplied.

Stacy and the little one are doing well

Date: 14 June 2024 By: Pétria de Vaal

Stacy (Annastasia) Tucker is doing very well. Readers will recall the brave young mother who had a seizure in the shower when coming home after the birth of her daughter, Peyton, in May.

Stacy was admitted to MediClinic, Polokwane, on 11 May. On the way, she experienced more seizures. Many blood tests, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and a lumbar puncture procedure – among others – were done. She was treated with antibiotics for infection and also had a blood transfusion. Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST) was diagnosed. This is a rare blood clot in one of the brain’s veins. Researchers estimate that this affects anywhere from two to 15 cases per one million people per year.

On 22 May, Stacy could be discharged. “I am much better. I walk much better and I can even use my right side – it was this side that was badly affected. Only my muscles need attention. I still experience pain in my right arm, but this is nothing near the pain that I had before. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy help a lot. I still get headaches as well, but these used to be much worse. I was very sensitive to light, but this improved 100%,” Stacy says.

She continues to mention that she is still on blood-thinning and other medication. Little Peyton is also doing very well – still mainly in the care of her grandparents, the Tuckers. “She is spoilt by everyone who gives her love and brings little gifts. She weighs 4,1 kg and is 51 cm tall. When she is with mom and dad over weekends, she only wants to be in our arms!” says a very happy Stacy.

“I have recovered but am still taking it easy – one day at a time. At least I feel now that I can face the world again!” Stacy says.

“As a family, we would like to thank the community – for everyone who contributed financially, bought something for Peyton, sent messages and so much more. We really appreciate all these gestures and the fact that so many people just opened up their hearts. All monies go towards my medical expenses, even the monthly medication that is costing a lot. All this made it possible that I am recovering and can be with my baby!” a grateful Stacy mentions.

A follow-up visit to the neurologist is scheduled for this month, and during November, another MRI needs to be done in order to ensure that no signs of the blood clot remain anymore.

Stacy’s father-in-law, Malcolm Tucker, confirms that they do not allow Stacy to be left alone, in case of more seizures. “When Philip is at work, she comes to our house. The community responded with tremendous support for the appeals to help fund the treatment, and there may be sufficient funds to pay for the follow-up scans and neurologist,” Malcolm says.

People who want to assist can support Stacy’s Back-a-buddy campaign at



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