The graph showing the number of active Covid-19 cases in Vhembe on Tuesday. The smaller graph shows the deaths from Covid-19.

It’s quiet, but don’t let your masks down yet

Date: 25 March 2021 By: Anton van Zyl

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The number of active Covid-19 cases in Vhembe has dropped significantly over the past month, but experts are warning that a too-relaxed attitude may lead to a third wave of the pandemic.

On Tuesday, 23 March, the figures provided by the Limpopo Department of Health indicated that 35 active Covid-19 cases could be found in the Vhembe District. Most of these (15) were in the Makhado district, with 12 cases in Thulamela. Since the pandemic started a year ago, 11 582 Covid-19 cases had been reported in Vhembe, causing 421 deaths.

The second wave of the infection was, to date, the most severe. It peaked on 13 January this year, when 2 147 active cases were recorded. At that stage, the death toll ascribed to the coronavirus stood at 105.

According to the latest available provincial statistics, the virus claimed most of its victims (199) in the Makhado district. In Thulamela, 153 deaths were ascribed to Covid-19, whereas in the Collins Chabane area, 51 people died after being infected. In Musina, only three active cases were active on Tuesday. The death toll in Musina stood at 18.

On Monday, the national infection figure stood at 1 538 451 and 22 302 active cases were recorded. The death toll for the country stood at 52 302. Worldwide, more than 123 million people had been infected with the virus. The death toll stood at over 2,7 million people.

In countries such as India and Italy, a third wave of infections caused renewed lockdowns. Last week, strict lockdown regulations came into effect in Paris, France. Countries such as Poland and the Ukraine also had to act swiftly to curb the spread of the virus by instituting stricter lockdown regulations.

In South Africa, experts and politicians have warned against a third wave of infections. Gauteng Premier Mr David Makhura called on people to adhere to the restrictions and health protocols in all public places and at all times to avoid a third wave of Covid-19 infections. Finance Minister Mr Tito Mboweni warned last week that a third wave of the coronavirus could destabilise the government's efforts to control its finances.

One of the concerns is that the Easter holidays may lead to more people travelling. This, together with more social activities and events such as massive church meetings, may cause the virus to spread quickly.




Anton van Zyl

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