What will be the next phase of general collapse?


Mr Bruce Murray from Louis Trichardt, writes:

One can only admire the resilience of the citizenry of our town.

We will all recall the horror of discovering dirty water in our taps one morning a few years ago. I recall the headline in the Zoutpansberger asking “MAAR KAN JY DIT DRINK?” Residents were shocked at the poor quality of piped water. What we failed to realize then, was that grubby water is better than no water.

For the past few years, the water crisis has deteriorated to unacceptable levels. And yet we as citizens have become mute. We are so gatvol of the incompetence of municipal management that we don’t even bother to talk about it any longer. Those of us who can  resort to our own resources do so, but what of the many who don’t have an alternative to turn to?

This situation leads me to wonder what the next phase of general collapse will be and how long we will be able to endure whatever it is.