Photo Novel competition


Win R500 with your photo-novel


Short and sweet - a winning recipe

With only one week to go the competition is getting more intense. Our judges will have to choose an overall winner and it seems very likely that it won’t be our in-house team. Unfortunately for them Ridgeway College’s creative geniuses entered several excellent entries, making one of them the clear favourite to win the R1 000 top prize.

This weeks’ winner of the R500 prize is Dede Bessong. Dede doesn’t need any introduction, being a star performer in our previous Young Writers’ competition.

Dede’s photo-novel is a wonderful example of what these “comics” should be all about. She kept it very simple and didn’t even need to use the maximum number of 12 photos. (She told the story in nine pictures.)

Apart from the story line, Dede is very effective in her use of uncomplicated photos. It is important to try and get rid of all “clutter” in the photos. Use neutral backgrounds and, as in most circumstances, remember that less is always more. Because photos are in black-and-white and are relatively small, keep it simple.


How to enter

All you need to enter is an interesting story that must be told within the limitations of 12 photos. You can use a cellphone to take the photos or an expensive camera, it doesn’t matter. Use your own actors, but remember to get their permission.

The photos will be used in black-and-white, so take that in consideration (get a decent contrast). Send your 12 photos, along with the twelve “bullets” (descriptions) to 

Entries for the edition of the 24th of September must reach us before Friday, 17 September at 13:00. As usual a R500 prize is on offer for the weekly winner.

After the final date (24 September 2021), we will choose an overall winner. The overall winner will win an additional R1 000.

The competition is open to all residents of the Vhembe district. 

Click on the link below to download the entry form which must be filled in and submitted with each entry:




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