Twelve athletes with physical impairments had the privilege of being coached by Kotie Potgieter (wheelchair) as part of classification for para-athletic sports on Saturday. Photo supplied.

Para-athletes enjoy a day of one-on-one coaching

Date: 29 October 2020 By: 

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On Saturday, 24 October, 12 local athletes with physical impairments had the privilege of being coached by Kotie Potgieter, an accomplished shotput and javelin para-athlete from Gauteng. 

Kotie lost a limb after a car accident a few years back. In spite of being over 50 years of age at the time, she courageously embarked on a new adventure and began to participate in para-athletics.  The word “para” in “para-athletics” or “para-sport” means “parallel” or “alongside”, and thus the term “para-Olympics” means Olympic events for physically impaired athletes, taking place parallel to or alongside the Olympics.  

While Kotie was busy coaching the prospective para-athletes on Saturday, Louisa Kirsten was evaluating them individually and providing each athlete with a classification or category that will enable them to participate in sports at a provincial level.  The IsAbility Limpopo Sports Club, responsible for facilitating the classification and coaching day, expressed their sincere gratitude to Laerskool Louis Trichardt (Primary School) for making their school’s sports complex and field available for the day. “It is events such as these that encourage athletes, give them new hope, open their eyes to opportunities and challenges they will face. Most importantly, a network of people, structures and organisations is created that will be able to support those who are motivated to pursue an active lifestyle and meet up with like-minded energetic people who try to make every moment of life count,” said Sandy James of IsAbility.

The IsAbility Limpopo Sports Club is fully registered with LIMA (Limpopo Athletics) and with the Limpopo SAPD (Sport for Physically Disabled). They have also submitted their application as an NPO (non-profit organisation) and have an application number pending full registration as NPO. 






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