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Residents are invited to take on a series of bike and running challenges over the next three months as a fundraiser for the SPCA Louis Trichardt.

The first Strava Run & Ride 4 Pets challenge will start on Monday, 14 September, and run until 14 October. The next challenge will start on 15 October and end on 15 November, while the final challenge will start on 16 November and end on 16 December.

“Please note that this is neither an organised event nor a race. It is a socially distanced challenge as you are allowed to cycle or run on your own under the current Covid-19 laws,” said the local SPCA team.

Three routes (5km, 10km or 20km) have been laid out in the Hanglip Forest outside Louis Trichardt that one can make use of for cycling or running (off-road), or athletes can run or cycle where they are. To enter, follow these steps:

* Join the run and ride for pets on Strava at

* Enter the challenge on Entryninja at

* Collect your number and pair of socks at the SPCA Louis Trichardt’s Legacy Shop.

* Ride or run the routes as many times as you like or ride or run anywhere else.

* After your ride or run, make sure you upload your ride/run to Strava. If you are not on Strava, you cannot be timed or ranked, and you will not be eligible for a weekly prize.

To enter the challenge, the cost is R200 per person per month or R500 for all three months. All proceeds will go to the SPCA Louis Trichardt.

For more information, phone Lawrence at Tel 082 965 5151, Alicia at 084 900 5332 or Lesley at 071 545 5194.  






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