“It is now time that our DC Super Heroes infiltrate the Health & Fitness and Lifestyle markets to get DC fans back on the road.”

Be a Super Hero - and get the T-shirt

Date: 10 July 2020 By: Anton van Zyl

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Next Sunday (19 July) the first of the “Super Hero” events is to take place. This is a virtual run series where participants can dress up as characters from comic books and compete against each other from the safety of their own neighbourhoods.

The event goes under the banner of the Justice League series, which is a brand name of Warner Bros. “It is now time that our DC Super Heroes infiltrate the Health and Fitness and Lifestyle markets to get DC fans back on the road,” the organisers state on the official website.

“Whether you are a single runner wanting to break through the cabin fever and creaky legs or a family wanting to put some loving distance between each other, these fun-filled days of physically distanced running/walking are not to be missed. All while giving back to those who need it most during this time, especially our children.”

Participants can choose whether they want to complete a 2,5km, 5km, 7,5km or 10km route. Each runner or walker can choose their own route and need to time themselves. “You can select a different distance per individual event (for those who like to start small and build up) or decide to run/walk the same distance on every Super Hero event,” the organisers say.

The more serious runners can enter the 10km event and submit their results to the Justice League Series website (www.justiceleagueseries.co.za). “Challenge yourself with each Super Hero event and stand the chance of winning exciting prizes and the title of Best Improved Runner. This is based on the honour system for submitting your results.” A  'scoreboard' that will be updated after each Super Hero Run, indicating the percentage improvement of participants, will be put up.

Enthusiastic and energetic Super Hero fans can enter on the website and tickets for each of the events varies between R160 for children and R190 for adults. Your entry form also buys you a customised Super Hero Kit (every event has a different kit). For the Superman Run/Walk (on 19 July) the kit will include a collector’s edition Superman medal, a limited edition Superman T-shirt and a limited edition Superman button badge. (Courier cost may also be applicable).

The money derived from the series will go to good causes. “We are partnering with institutions providing relief and making financial contributions to beneficiaries such as Headstart Kids, who provide special nutritional food packs to children aged six months to five years old. More organisations to benefit from our Super Heroes will be announced later,” the organisers say.




Anton van Zyl

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