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Weekly Parkrun will now start at 07:00

Date: 11 October 2019 By: 

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The Louis Trichardt Parkrun will start earlier this Saturday. The organisers of the event announced that from 12 October the Parkrun will start at 07:00, instead of the usual 08:00.

According to Ferreira Nel, one of the local organisers, it was decided to change the starting time to 07:00 during the summer period. This was to compensate for the hot summer mornings. It may also assist some of the businesspeople who want to do the Parkrun and be back at their shops when they open at 09:00.

The weekly Parkrun initiative has shown consistent growth the past year. The group of runners and walkers start off at the information centre on the corner of Songozwi Street and the N1. The route that they follow stretches all the way to Stubbs Street where it turns north and then heads back. The runners and walkers do two rounds, which total five kilometres.

The Parkrun is an international event, supported by millions of people who believe in a healthy lifestyle and communities. No fees are payable and the events are run by groups of volunteers. People are advised to register first at to obtain a registration card with a unique barcode. The card can be printed out and will be scanned at the finish line. Every athlete’s time is captured on the online website and serves as an activity tracker, showing details such as fastest times and overall performance.





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