The graph showing the various waves of Covid-19 infections.

Infections down, with 40%+ of population fully vaccinated

Date: 21 October 2021 By: Anton van Zyl

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The number of active Covid-19 infections in the Vhembe District dropped to below 20 the past week for the first time since mid-May this year. The vaccination programme is also slowly but surely moving along, with just more than 40% of the province’s adult population being fully vaccinated.

Figures provided by the Limpopo Department of Health indicate that on Monday (18th) 17 active Covid-19 cases could be found in Vhembe. This is in stark contrast to the 2 171 cases in mid-July. The number of Covid-19-related deaths had also stabilised and stood at 848.

The Makhado municipal area is still the worst affected by the pandemic, but on Monday it had only eight active cases. Thulamela Municipality officially has six active cases, with Musina Municipality having one and the Collins Chabane Municipality two cases. The death toll for Makhado stands at 409, while at Thulamela 289 deaths were ascribed to Covid-related illnesses. In Musina, 34 people died after being infected and in Collins Chabane the latest death figure is 116.

The Covid-19 vaccination roll-out is much slower than anticipated, but in Limpopo more than two million people have already received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the National Department of Health’s Covid-19 portal. The total number of people who are fully vaccinated stood at 1,51 million on Monday, which represents 40,89% of the province’s adult population.

Most of the people in Limpopo (1,39 million) received the Pfizer vaccine, while 640 192 received the Johnson & Johnson jab. A further 34 003 formed part of the initial Sisonke programme, where they received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. In the Vhembe District, 468 810 people had received at least one dose of vaccine as of Monday, 18 October.

Quite interesting is that, in Limpopo, men over the age of 60 have the highest percentage of being vaccinated, coming in at 84,59%. Women in the same age group are seemingly less responsive, but still 69,72% of the province’s senior ladies have received the jab. The younger people still seem to be a reluctant to get vaccinated. In the age group 18 to 34 years, 27,83% of the ladies and 18,01% of the men have been vaccinated.





Anton van Zyl

Anton van Zyl has been with the Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror since 1990. He graduated from the Rand Afrikaans University (now University of Johannesburg) and obtained a BA Communications degree. He is a founder member of the Association of Independent Publishers.



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