Ridgeway College's top Cambridge AS exam achiever was Emlyn Foord (left) with six distinctions, while the college’s top IEB student was Gundo Netshifhefhe (right) with five distinctions. Photos supplied.

Ridgeway matriculants again impress

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Outstanding results were once again attained by Ridgeway College’s top achievers in the 2019 Cambridge AS and IEB exams.

“This time of year is fraught with tension and excitement as matriculants around the country await the results of their examinations. Our Ridgeway pupils have been no different. We are proud of each and every one of them for the work they put in and for the rewards they have reaped. We hope that each of them has achieved the marks they needed for the courses of their choice and, as we celebrate their success, we thank every member of staff who played a part in that success and the parents for their support,” said the college.

Ridgeway College had 13 candidates writing their Cambridge AS examinations. They attained a 100% BD pass rate, with 33 distinctions and 13 B symbols. Overall, their average was 76%.

The college’s top student was Emlyn Foord, who attained a distinction in six subjects, namely Afrikaans, English language, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. “Emlyn’s average was an incredible 85% and we congratulate her warmly on these fantastic results as our top Cambridge achiever,” said the college.

Three AS students got four distinctions, namely Zaynah Aboo (biology, physics, accounting and mathematics), Marco Marcos (Afrikaans, biology, chemistry and physics) and Tendani Mukhithi (chemistry, physics, accounting and mathematics), while Thendo Lobengo (physics, accounting and mathematics) and Neha Patel (biology, physics and mathematics) each attained three distinction.

A couple of college students also walked away with two distinctions. They were Nkesana Baloyi (physics and mathematics), Naho Maduwa (physics and mathematics), Gordon McGaffin (physics and mathematics) and Nkhaviso Mdaka (accounting and mathematics).   

Ridgeway College also celebrated their IEB (Independent Examination Board) results, where 21 of their 24 candidates attained a bachelor's degree pass and 24 subject distinctions and 22 B symbols.

The college’s top IEB candidate was Gundo Netshifhefhe. He attained five distinctions in Afrikaans first additional language, business studies, life orientation, life sciences and mathematics and had an aggregate of 82%.





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