The Louis Trichardt SPCA outreach team and volunteers who visited Manyii village on Monday. Photo supplied.

SPCA breaks more chains during outreach

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Volunteers from the Louis Trichardt SPCA spent their Reconciliation Day on 16 December reaching out to the village of Manyii as part of their third annual Christmas outreach.

The outreach team and a whole lot of extra volunteers, armed with vaccines, deworming medication, dog food and treats, aimed to spread some love and cheer to both animals and humans. “Thank you to everyone who ordered one of our SPCA Christmas hampers this year and chose to top it up with an extra R10. Thanks to you, we could make up over 100 food and treat parcels for the village dogs,” said SPCA team member Alicia Thomas.

The team also took some collars and leads with them, making sure they could break as many chains as possible along the way. “Thank you to everyone who has donated collars, old and new, towards our ‘Break the Chains Campaign’ this year, and a special thanks to Sigrid Jefferies at Trali Africa Trading for all the collars she so kindly makes and donates for this cause … We will never stop removing these awful bolts and chains, each and every opportunity we get. Chains that are keeping so many animals captive, sometimes in very harsh, even painful conditions,” said Thomas.

The group of SPCA volunteers were stationed at one central point and dog, cat and donkey owners could bring their animals to them for treatment. “On a day like this, we get the opportunity to educate pet owners on how to care for their animals correctly and to help those in dire need of help. We were able to treat over 100 animals on the day,” said Thomas.

She added that rescuing animals would tear anybody’s heart out, stomp on it and bury it where you often think you will never find it. “Then, along comes another animal that digs it up and gives it back to you, and that is why we always have the strength to carry on and persevere, for that next animal that needs us,” said Thomas.

Thomas said that they could never thank their amazing, dedicated outreach team enough. “Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many animals.” She also thanked each and every person who had donated in any way to help them do what they do, to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. “A massive thank you to our community. You are our eyes and ears and we appreciate all the cases you brought to our attention and we were able to help,” said Thomas. She added that the time had come for people to stop turning a blind eye when it came to animal cruelty.

Thomas said that people were welcome to contact them to find out more about their outreach team. “If you would like to become a part of the change you want to see in the world, you can contact us on 084 900 5332,” said Thomas.

With another year gone by, Thomas also had great appreciation for senior inspector Lawrence Khodobo, the kennel staff and committee. “What can I say? Another year is done, and we have made it to the other side; quite a bit wiser, maybe a little more bruised, but definitely stronger. We have kept our sanity …well, kind of… but we can stand tall and proud,” said Thomas. People wishing to contribute to the annual outreach programme are welcome. For more information and banking details, phone Alicia at the above number, Lesley at 071 545 5194 or Yolanda at 082 972 2060.





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The team also took some collars and leads with them, making sure they could break as many chains as possible along the way. Photo supplied.