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Date: 07 December 2017 By: Andries van Zyl

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Holiday time is once again upon us, but are your pets as excited as you are about this time of year?

The Louis Trichardt SPCA voiced its concerns this week regarding the proper caring for animals as this is the society’s busiest time of the year. “Compassion comes in all forms and we ask for consideration towards all animals this festive season,” said the SPCA.

The excessive heat and the drought continue to affect animals. “We ask that reports of suffering be submitted timeously,” said the SPCA. This not only relates to pets and animals on farms, but also to working animals such as guard dogs who may be suffering on duty in adverse weather conditions.

The SPCA also warned pet owners that the festive season coincides with the discharging of fireworks. “If you are leaving your pets at home during the holiday, please make sure you have made adequate arrangements with a reliable person to feed and take care of them. Remember, there will be fireworks while you are away, so make sure you are prepared. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous, even fatal to your pets, so make sure they enjoy the festive season as much as you do,” said the SPCA.

The SPCA urged responsible pet owners to protect their pets during the discharging of fireworks. “Firework displays bring confusion, anxiety and fear into the lives of animals, causing many to run away from their homes in an effort to escape the frightening detonations,” said the SPCA. They shared a few tips to help keep pets safe during fireworks:

* Ensure all animals have identification and, if possible, stay home with them if you suspect fireworks fiends are about. If you can’t be home with them, keep them inside and preferably in a room such as the kitchen where the windows are higher (and more difficult to jump through). Attempt to mask any noise by drawing curtains and playing calming music at a reasonable volume and put familiar and comforting things around them, such as toys, baskets etc. Provide them with something to do, such as giving your dog a chewy bone or lots of catnip or a catnip toy for felines. If your pets do react badly to fireworks, then seek professional advice from your veterinarian.

The SPCA also reminded pet owners that they can already book boarding at the SPCA for the holiday season as soon as possible, as limited space is available.

Bookings can be made by phoning Lawrence at Tel 082 965 5151 or Grietjie at Tel 072 516 6895 “Please make sure to confirm your booking and don’t rely on leaving a voice message,” said the SPCA.

For your pets’ own safety, you must make sure that all your pet’s inoculations are up to date, as well as deworming and dipping. Proof of inoculation will be required to ensure the safety of animals already at the SPCA.

Boarding fees are R50 per dog per day and R40 per cat per day, which includes shelter, bedding and food. “You are welcome to bring your pet’s own bedding and food if you wish, though, to aid them in feeling more at home, relaxed and comfortable,” said the SPCA.

The Louis Trichardt SPCA’s office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays from 08:00 to 13:00. After-hour collections of pets can be pre-arranged.

For more information you can contact Lawrence on 082 965 5151 or Alicia on 084 900 5332 or send them a Facebook message on their Facebook page




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