Our traffic department needs to take responsibility


Very Concerned resident of Louis Trichardt, writes:

Recently one of my employees was in a serious motor accident and my vehicle was written off due to a motorist ignoring a stop sign.  This led me to ask a few questions that I would like to be answered please.

How many accidents are there in our town because of people disregarding a stop sign? How many of these motorist who just do a driveby instead of doing a dead stop are being fined? If a motorist is being stopped, what happens to the driver, is a fine only issued or are there more drastic steps taken?

On a daily basis I see motorist disregarding the stop signs in town. There will be far less slaughtering on our roads if the traffic department starts to act against these motorist who are disobeying the law of the road.

Then there are also a lot of stop signs missing or removed in town, the road markings on the road are no longer visible or has been re-tarred and never re-painted. This is very concerning, and I feel that the traffic department needs to step up and address these issues to ensure the safety of all road users in town.

I would also like to mention that after my employee’s accident, I had to file an accident report at the police station. My case number was 58/7. Does this mean that my case is accident number 58 for the month of July in town?

I am requesting our traffic department to give special attention to motorist not obeying a stop sign and to take firm action against them for not obeying the traffic sign.