My faith in humanity restored


Andries van Zyl from Louis Trichardt writes:

My faith in humanity was somewhat restored last week, despite living in a country embroiled in crime and violence.

Last Thursday, I stopped to quickly get a bite to eat at the fast food shop next to Soutpansberg Spar. I saw, however, that I needed cash and decided to withdraw some money at the adjacent ATM.

As I was running a bit late to get back to work in time, I took my bank card and ran into the shop to place my order. Moments later I felt a tap on my shoulder.

As I turned around, I saw it was an DRS security guard. I immediately expected the worst – did someone hit my car or was it broken into?

It turned out to be none of the above. In fact, the security guard saw that I was in such a rush to place my order and get back to work that I forgot to take my money out of the ATM. In front of me stood the security guard with all my money in his hand. “Here’s your money,” he said.

Thank you, Mr Paul Mudua from DRS, for helping to restore some of my faith in humanity. Your honesty is greatly appreciated. May others learn from your example.