Death struggle

News: 27 February 2015 By Isabel Venter

Trapped under the crushing weight of his truck’s cabin, a man’s futile cries for help could be heard over the shouts and whirr of firemen and their equipment trying to free him.

“Giving money to beggars not a solution ...”

News: 27 February 2015 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Many motorists have by now become used to the dirty and semi-drunk beggar that frequents Louis Trichardt's main streets. Some give him money just to get him to go away, but others refuse to give him anything because they believe he will use it to buy more liquor and become intoxicated. 

A great loss

News: 20 February 2015 By Andries van Zyl

It is not often that the passing away of a person results in such an immense sense of loss, as is experienced by all in the Soutpansberg with the tragic news of the sudden and untimely death of Mr Mohamed Rasool (58) the past week.

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